Learn how The Michael Botte Foundation is helping these amazing teachers provide technology for their students and classrooms.

Dear The Michael Botte Foundation,

Thank you for the generous donation. Words cannot express my gratitude and the many ways technology will be able to enhance the education of the students in my class for the years to come. When I saw the email that the project was funded, I literally got off my phone where I was checking my email and got on a computer to confirm that what I read was correct. My students will be so surprised and excited when they see the technology in the classroom.
Students will now be able to research, play some interactive games and learn the basics to future state testing: Common Core.

Donors like yourselves are hard to come by in today’s economy and the fact that it was fully funded by only 2 brings hope and light to my life as a teacher that there are still infinite possibilities in this world and the value and moral of our society still exists.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With gratitude,


Dear The Michael Botte Foundation, Lucy, LS, Julia, Sarwang Parikh, Matching Donor and Anonymous Donors,

I am so honored to have received your donations and to have our project fully funded. Thank you all for taking an interest in helping our future leaders attain much needed access to technology.
The project you supported will reach students with insufficient access to technology. I feel it is my duty to place the essential tools necessary in the hands of every student I work with. Thank you for helping me meet this goal. I have recently found more websites for my students to visit. With this new computer my students will have access to websites in all subject areas as they strive to meet the new Common Core state standards.

Our new computer will also assist me in delivering instruction through the use of technology. I am extremely excited to be able to implement our school’s new lesson plan design using a power point presentation. My students are going to love it!

With gratitude,
Ms. Serrato-Jonian


Dear The Michael Botte Foundation, Loribeth and Matching Donor,

I cannot express my sincerest gratitude for the generous donations to get this project funded. My students are going to be incredibly excited to hear that we’re getting an Ipad for our classroom. I can’t wait to learn how I can best incorporate it into my curriculum as they practice phonics and reading with it, do research for their science projects and engineering challenges, read up about historical events, and so many more things that I can’t even imagine. I’m hoping with parents support that they can even recommend some apps that’ll best help my students. Believe me! I’ll be looking for some kid-friendly engineering apps. I’m just so excited!!
It is donors like you who are changing the face of education and giving students access to the technology that they need to be ready for the future. Giving them access to an Ipad will teach them how to use current technology to learn. Your donations have opened up a world of possibilities for my students and I can’t thank you enough for your donations and your support. Thank you!!!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Mau